Founded back in 2009, we are an experienced team of specialists in after-sale parts and accessories for automotive applications. We commercialize the most reliable and prestigious brands. Contact us! We are here to help!


We are an experienced team in after-sale automotive parts and accessories, commercializing the most reliable and prestigious global brands, providing the best technical and commercial assistance, committed to our employees, customers and shareholders.


To expand our product catalog and commercializing our products nationwide and region wide, supporting our commercial partners to be the leaders in the distribution of our brands.


Responsibility: we are aware that our actions may bring consequences, and we are willing to perform all corrective actions when necessary, in order to provide world-class service and assistance to our customers and employees.

Honesty: we work with transparency and integrity, promoting trust as an essential value for our work and operations.

Respect: we share our individual talent, responsibilities and duties in a coordinated process to achieve our goals.

Teamwork: we add our individual talents, share the responsibilities and work in a coordinated way to achieve the established objectives.

Proactivity: we are constantly improving by promoting our initiatives for the benefit of our customers, shareholders and employees.

Discipline: we establish rules and policies whose compliance consistently lead to a positive result, supporting if necessary the discomfort that this may cause.

Loyalty: we owe to our customers, and we honor our work by never turning our back to our customers and employees.